Lo Shu videos

International live streams, sharing our Lo Shu readings:

Cleopatra Lajawai (Borneo, CEO AEI wellness),
Cosima Scheuten (Netherlands, Garden of Chi).

Language: english

Last livestream was on 9th of august 2021. A new one will come.
During live streams we provide a quick interpretation of some key factors. Welcome! For a complete reading, book your reading here.

For interpretation, we need:
Your birthdate.
Your gender.
Your profession.
The country you live in.
On request, it is possible to stay anonymous, otherwise we will mention your first name.

More information:
What is Lo Shu reading?
Do you want to receive your personal and more detailled Lo Shu reading?
Do you want to learn yourself how to read a lo Shu?
Cosima is offering a 3 days course, (practitioner level).

Thanks for your questions and our greetings go to our listeners in:
Malaysia, Borneo, Singapore, Hongkong, Germany, the Uk, the Netherlands, America, and Mexico!

Watch the recording of the last livestream on 9th of august 2021: