The art of peace

Can a training that lasts one year change a life?

I believe this one can. You will approach the big mysteries of energy, consciousness, cycles and patterns. Why do things happen? And what does it mean for you? Learn and understand the Chinese concepts of yin & yang, 5 fases, bagua, trigrams, hexagrams, chi, inner alchemy. And then, practice. A lot.

This training combines:
Chinese taoist teachings
Practical work with breath
Chi Kung (Qi Gong)
and other exercises developing aspects from the physical to the spiritual.

I invite you to discover very profound ancient teachings, that involve all layers of your being, a path that is not commonly known. I can guide you, talk about it, present complexity in a simple form, even make it tangible – however it needs your commitment to practice and patience to be able to integrate the teachings and transform yourself. It is, ultimately, a conscious path to inner peace and balance.

This ‘the art of peace’ training is special, only one group will start this year. It asks a lot of commitment, time and energy from me, too. The training is intense. So please, inscribe only, if you can commit. The reward will be beyond words – and always in balance with your effort. Welcome.

Monthly class:
Weekly meetings:

12 x classes on saturdays 10:00 -17:00.
12 x meetings on tuesdays: 18:00-19:00.

Class: one day per month (12 days).
Meetings: one hour per week, except school holidays. Your time investment is 60 minutes daily
(for your own practice and a few notes).
You can book individual consults as add-on if you wish (optional).

If the group is international: English
Otherwise: Dutch

Is it for you?
This training is designed for adults, who are in relatively good health, free of addictions like alcohol and drugs. If you have any questions, please contact me.

This training will enhance your energy, state of being, mind and spirit, understanding of energy patterns, vitality, inner balance. It will support your immune-system and health greatly, however it is not meant to replace in any way a needed medical treatment. If you have serious health issues, please always consult your doctor.


Online (Zoom)

2800 euro excluding 21% VAT
(3388 euro including 21 %VAT)

Size of the group:
Minimum: 5 participants.
Maximum: 30 participants.